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I am here to help you with whatever project you desire to improve in your home. Whether it's planning and design of your entire home or just a single room, refreshing the look of your living room with accessories, plants, or art accompanying the furniture you already own, creating an imaginative nursery, organizing your pantry, or only making a dark corner pop out; I'm your girl! 


We will spend a full or half day with you to shop for new items for your home, either by visiting local resources or sourcing items online - and share with you where to place the items upon arrival. A bonus option is to schedule a return visit in order to style and stage the items purchased when they are delivered.


A (roughly) one week “rescue” of a room that needs a full makeover. Using local resources to purchase furniture, art & accessories immediately in order to transform the space. Organization Assistance; Working with pieces you already have.


A 2-hour visit to the project site where our clients have unfettered access to our knowledge and experience. Whether you just would like ideas on a color scheme, suggestions for re-arranging the rooms and furnishings within the various rooms, or possible confirmation on selections, we will provide you with insight to design trends as well as guiding you on long term decisions.


Space Planning and Design of an entire home (minimum 3 rooms), including floor selections, wall materials such as paint, wallpaper, wood paneling, textured walls; furniture, lighting, rugs, selection; art, accessories, and plants selections. Designing home from ground up or changing the existing floor plan by removing or adding walls and fireplaces. Can include Kitchen and Bathroom renovations. 

Thank you for visiting and I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

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